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Monday, April 30, 2012

Finding Great Music That Is Legal And Costs Nothing

By William Stanway

There are ways that you can legally download or listen to great music, and it will not cost any money. It will not take very long and will not be complicated, either. Here are some ways to look into.

Classical Music

If you search the Web for classical creations, you may find a lot of different sites. It is not hard to find a site like Classiccat, with a lot of good selections that you can download. This may be due to the fact that many classical pieces are many years old. There may not be any patents or copyrights on them, to worry about.

Streaming Media

There are many good songs and albums that you can listen to, as long as you are online. Streaming audio allows you to listen to songs from an Internet source. Some are of high quality and very up to date. However, streaming media cannot be downloaded or copied to hard drives or MP3 players. You must listen to it from the Internet.

A lot of sites offer the opportunity to stream audio recordings to your computer. You can go to a site like Altsounds and listen to all kinds of recordings. You can also read reviews about your favorite artists and their new releases. Although a few songs can be downloaded, most can only be received by streaming audio.


Independent artists are ones that do not work with the major recording companies. Some of these artists are well-known and famous. Many of their albums and songs will be available on "Indie" websites. Indie is a term that stands for independent music. Although some of the selections may be free, some may be for sale, too. Websites like Dmusic and Indierockcafe are two examples of Indie websites.

New Bands

A lot of bands and individuals are trying to make it in the entertainment world. One of the first things that they search for is recognition. When you go to websites like Unsignedbandweb, you can find many bands that are not currently signed with anyone. This may be a good way to find a lot of talent in the rough. You may find free songs from bands that are destined for greatness.

Songs For Kids

Music is very important for small children, as it can build a lifetime of appreciation. A lot of songs that your child may want to hear are many years old, and are in public domain. This can make it much easier to find what you want. You may also find websites like Freekidmusic. They offer a great deal of songs that are made for small children, and it is free.

Final Thoughts

There are many fine audio recordings that you can download or listen to online. A lot of them are free of charge, too. Classical music is one of the easiest to find and download. Many of the creations are centuries old and are in public domain. Streaming audio is an excellent way to listen to many of your favorite songs. However, streaming media cannot be recorded or copied to your computer. Independent artists sometimes make their albums available to sites, and some of it is free of charge. Many new bands that are just getting started will offer their songs and albums for no charge. This is to promote themselves and become well-known. If you have very small children, you can find a lot of great music made just for kids. Many of them offer free services.

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