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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Preparing For Upcoming Tornado Season To Protect The Family

By Kenneth Sanders

Preparing for upcoming tornado season is essential for your family's safety. These phenomena of nature can take place anywhere on the world but is predominant is the east side of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. Usually, this kind of weather disturbance happens in the Summer or Spring. Tornados are highly destructive and involve injuries and fatalities.

Around 1000 of these weather disturbances are documented each year in the United States. They usually lead to 80 fatalities and over 1500 injuries all over the US. Given the figures of deaths and destruction, one should be aware of taking precautionary measures to protect family members against the dangers of these natural disasters.

If you are prepared for this event, you can save the lives of your loved ones. All your relatives in the area must know of the risks and how to guard against this dangerous occurrence. You can begin preparing for it by creating a disaster strategy. Let your spouse and kids know about this disaster plan and assign each member in the family to a task in case of a tornado warning.

Make a decision regarding a meeting place in case your family gets separate. Create an escape route and map out the route to a shelter. Make copies of this map for all the members of your family. It is also necessary to have a plan B and make a secondary escape path in case your primary route is blocked or inaccessible.

Take your family on a ride to the shelter and drive through your escape routes. Make sure your kids know how to get to important locations even if they do not drive a car. Teach them how to get there using alternative transportation. Make sure all family members have emergency supplies like canned food, water, flashlights and first aid kits in their own backpacks.

Prior to Spring or Summer when tornado season begins, find out if your home insurance policy is up to date. If it is expired, you may not be able to make claims to damages caused by a tornado. Create a list of telephone numbers that you and your family members can call during a crisis. Include contact details of the local hospital, your doctor, paramedics, and mobile numbers of all relatives in your area.

Preparing for upcoming tornado season should include briefing your children on what to do in case they hear the siren. Instruct your children to stay indoors once the siren is activated. If they are outdoors, tell them to get to a shelter immediately. The safest place to be during a tornado is indoors or in a basement.

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